Major League Hacking 2019 Hackathon Season

24Hrs. Create. Compete. Learn. Win.

February 8th - 9th

DeVos Communication Center

CalvinHacks 2019

CalvinHacks 2019 is a 24Hr hackathon at Calvin College. Local, young, and bright students will develop amazing software and hardware projects. The best projects will be awarded prizes! It's a great, free opportunity for students to learn new things, connect with local companies, and have TONS of fun!


CalvinHacks 2019, our hackathon, is a 24Hr event where you can build your ideas, network, show off, and have fun. This 24Hr event, from 8PM Friday to 8PM Saturday, will allow you to form a team, choose an idea, build it out, and show it off for a chance to win! Hundreds of students will be there, and you should come too!

Anyone! The event is open to programmers, artists, designers, project managers, entrepreneurs, and any student who wants to create! No prior coding or technical experience is necessary; ​all students and recent graduates (within 1 year) are​ ​welcome​ ​to​ ​participate​ ​in​ ​the​ ​hackathon!

While helpful, no previous programming/engineering experience is required. Mentors will be available to help you with your project, don't worry. You're guaranteed to learn, regardless of your previous experience!

Free! You'll even get free meals, snacks, drinks, and a t-shirt for attending!

Having a team or an idea is not required! We will have an opportunity for you to find a team. There will be a wealth of mentors to help inspire you with an idea, so don't worry about that either!

You can make just about anything software or hardware related. Your imagination is the limit!

Teams consist of 1-4 people. We suggest working with others, but you can work alone if you'd like!

You should definitely bring your student ID, laptop, and charger. If you need additional hardware for your project, we suggest bringing it. We will try to provide hardware, but no guarantees! CalvinHacks is 24Hrs long, so you may also bring a sleeping bag, pillow, a change of clothes, or toiletries.

No, sorry! However, we encourage you to use third-party APIs, services, and frameworks during the event!

Yes as an MLH Member Event for the 2019 Season we observe the MLH Code of Conduct.

Yes! We'd love to have you! Please email us at [email protected]

Please email us at [email protected]